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Our ambition is to build a better future for Aotearoa.

It takes the passion and the efforts of ten thousand people across the country to bring it to life. They are people like you, and they make change happen every day in our local communities. We offer a wide range of opportunities for development and growth – facilitating something different for everyone. We recognise that no one size fits all, and for you to thrive, we provide a multitude of support and pathways to suit.

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We love individuality

We take pride in embracing individuality and what makes our people and business unique – we are proud of our differences and own it. We have a team of over 10,000 people throughout New Zealand who are all different and they are our greatest strengths. 

We work in diverse communities across the country, acknowledge the special place that Māori hold as Tangata Whenua in Aotearoa New Zealand, and we are building a workforce that is reflective of our local communities and of our values as a socially responsible organisation. 

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Women succeed at Downer

At Downer, we believe individuality makes us stronger, so we want you to bring what you love best to the job every day. With programmes to support, mentor and develop our female workforce, Downer is a great place to build your future.

Kumeroa (‘Cooms’)

Kumeroa (‘Cooms’)

White Water Site Engineer, Utilities

An under-30 representative of Nga Kaitiaki o te Ara Whanake and an alumnae of Te Ara Whanake, goal-driven Kumeroa White (‘Cooms’) describes the immense satisfaction gained from her role, making a difference to the local communities she works with in the water space in the Bay of Plenty.

As a young woman, with only four years’ experience in infrastructure, Cooms says, “I don’t feel I am treated differently because I’m female. The perspective wahine bring on site adds an alternate viewpoint to the project team – not better, just different. Women can be more empathetic and willing to listen or collaborate within a team.”

Cooms believes the support she received from leaders has directly contributed to her career progression to a supervisor role: “Positive mentoring and coaching helped me navigate some challenging times. My managers’ have highlighted strengths in me that I had not recognised in myself. Downer helps people find their niche. It’s such a diverse sector – you can find your area to shine.”

Brandy Smith

Brandy Smith

Stakeholder and Communications Manager, Transport

Joining Downer 13-years ago, communication and engagement professional, Brandy Smith believes the sector’s landscape is moving in a positive direction for women, to become more inclusive in general. “I can pinpoint positive tangible changes I’ve seen as a female manager over the decade since I joined,” Brandy comments.

In her role leading communication strategies for some of Downer’s complex and high-profile projects such as Auckland’s Downtown project, Brandy says, in her experience, project teams are still fairly ‘male-dominated’. “But there’s definitely more women out on site, than when I started, which is great to see them in other role in the past usually held by men.”

“For the Downtown project, I was on the senior leadership team. This was a game changer as I had a voice and was empowered, which meant the ‘compassionate settings’ we aspire to for stakeholder engagement became key performance indicators on the project.” Brandy believes Downer is on track towards achieving better balance around equality. “It’ll take some time to happen, however what I’ve observed is that the avenues and support are there for women to move into senior roles, if that’s their chosen path.”

Roimata Maihi

Roimata Maihi

Hawkins Foreperson, Facilities

As a site supervisor with Hawkins, and twenty years with the company Roimata says she’s passionate about encouraging and inspiring others like her into the sector. “We’re starting to balance the scales I think, and that come from education at the top senior level, so we see greater diversity in project teams, not just adding women in as a last resort. There’s now, for sure, more women joining us as apprentices, quantity surveyors and in the BIM-technology areas... but not enough!”

Returning to work eight months after having her son, Roimata says with the support of Hawkins she was not disadvantaged when she returned to work as a single parent, “I was encouraged to pursue opportunities, and over the years I’ve valued strong support for working women from the company. When Hawkins joined the Downer family, I have received amazing professional development opportunities and support. So now I want to manaaki (give back) to pass on what I have learnt.”

When my son turned 14, I took on my role as supervisor, and was able to have work life balance knowing my son was at an age of independence and I was able to commit more to a managerial role.

As a wahine leader of Ako Whakaruruhau, Hawkins Māori and Pasifika trades training and mentoring programme, Roimata currently mentors other wahine across Hawkins sub-contracting whanau.

Downer’s aspiration to support its people to bring their authentic selves to work, is gaining momentum, as this sector leader celebrates difference at all levels. With positive inclusion initiatives breathing life into this organisation, Downer is on track to create an environment where people can own their own purpose, creativity and uniqueness.

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